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Danielpour: Quartets

String Quartet N.5, N.6 and the world premiere of N.7

In May 2015, the DSQ joined internationally renowned soprano Hila Plitmann to record Danielpour's Quartet no.7 for soprano and string quartet, a work specially commissioned for the DSQ.  Also on the disc are Quartets nos. 5 and 6, all produced by Grammy Award winner Judith Sherman, who produced the last two recording projects of the DSQ.

Danielpour: Quartets

“excellent violin playing...extremely enjoyable interpretations of music that I love”

American Record Guide

“phenomenal technique”

Musical Toronto

“His amazing technical skill and artistic know-how...create an indelible interpretation of Bach’s music...Cotik’s combines impeccable technique and an intuitive artistry to fashion a mesmerizing interpretation of these pieces.”


“Cotik sounds consistently brilliant ”


“violinist Tomas Cotik is always up for a new challenge”

Julia Amacher – American Public Media

“His pure sound, perfect intonation and fast tempos mean that Bach’s fiendishly difficult challenges become more exposed, yet he never misses a beat. The recording….captures the golden glow of his violin… in sound that is honest and clean”


“without a doubt, an album to get excited and listen to continuously. Pure excellence. Essential!  ”


“Cotik…honored not only his professions as musician, but the memory and work of Franz Schubert”

The Palm Beach Arts Paper

“Warmly and sensitively played with beauty of tone, Cotik... captures the essence of Mozart in finely spun tone and sensitive contrasts in dynamics, rhythmic integrity, and clear phrasing. Their deeply felt rendition of this purest of music, from the carefree early sonatas to the more dramatic later opuses, is a model of transparency and genuine emotion. ”


“Cotik phrases this music with such feeling, making you wonder if it could possibly sound better in any other performance.”

Classical Net

“conviction, commitment, diplomacy, and character”

The Strad

“Very recently I discovered this marvel ... two extraordinary instrumentalists who, combining their talents, achieve ... something great.  ”


“uplifting quality”

MusicWeb International

“recreating the visceral charge of Piazzolla’s legendary quintet concerts and recordings”

South Florida Classical Review

“it is a fact that the enthusiastic performance of Argentine Tomás Cotik and the way he captures the audience is captivating”


“Evocative concert of Jewish classical music”

The Washington Post

“a treat from start to finish”

Musical Toronto

“A revealing album of the mastery of the young performers who sign it  ”


“I marvel at the technical skill which effortlessly encompasses these deeply contrasting styles....a technical as well as expressive master stroke”


“laudable level of technical accuracy…tenderness and warmth”

The Palm Beach Arts Paper

“there is no question but that this is the most exciting rendition of these works I’ve ever hear... this is now my benchmark performance of these works”


“I was immediately impressed by their virtuosity and also their understanding of Piazzolla’s music. I was anxious to see them perform in person”

Gary Burton

“Supersonic Award winner. Tomas Cotik’s Piazzolla is carnal, passionate and nowhere easy-going. Together with his group he has produced a riveting CD.”


“The BBC Music team’s current favourites”


“this superbly produced Schubert disc…comes warmly commended”

MusicWeb International

“The technical qualities of the recording - which is on the NAXOS label, by the way - are excellent.”

Robert W. Plyer, THE OBSERVER

“Cotik and the orchestra provided impressive advocacy for a multifaceted work that deserves to be heard more often. Cotik seamlessly handled the frequent changes in mood and adroitly traversed the work’s myriad technical challenges while always keeping the focus on the music.”


“a work of high quality, for the originality of the arrangements and especially because he is an excellent instrumentalist  ”


“wonderful album…impressive for the elegance and sensitivity of the interpretations”

John Terauds – Musical Toronto

“Cotik proves to here to have conquered an impressive variety of repertoire, already now much wider than what is usual today.”


“Cotik’s performances are full of color, possess an elegant virtuosity and above all achieve the lyrical refinement that springs from a music that catches us by its rhythmic and melodic seduction  ”


“short  this is a great recording  if you value warmth and sweetness in Mendelssohn. Here, though, nothing is forced, and, as  I say, the world seems a better place.”


“outstanding from the very beginning”

Fanfare Magazine

“Cotik never indulges in violinistic brilliance at the expense of music, but he sounds consistently brilliant nevertheless.”

Fanfare Magazine

“Some of the music is sultry while other works are fast, rhythmic, and ornamented to show the exquisite virtuosity of Cotik”


“brilliant Argentinean violinist”

David Denton for David’s Review Corner

“'What a Performance 2020' Award Winner”


“I find the Cotik and Lin performances most interesting and the sound on their disc is excellent”

Maria Nockin – Fanfare Magazine

“exceptional...Piazzolla can be played differently than this, but provably not better.”


“Cotik Kicks Butt in Piazzolla! A wild and wonderful CD.”


“We encounter here an extraordinary violinist, with an overwhelming technique and a musicality; the results are excellent, with little or nothing to envy the greatest  interpretations that could have ever been recorded.”


“A neglected stash of unrecorded Schubert”


“an extraordinary performance that can stand up against any other”


“It is the result of many years of experience, full attention, research and is a recording of incontestable adventure that displays a journey of absolute love for the music of J.S. Bach”


“Cotik scales Bach’s solo mountain with skill. His intricate yet soulful take is assured without ever being showy.”

BBC Magazine

“His interpretation of Bach’s sonatas and partitas his newest album in should add a notch to his reputation as a stellar violinist”


“perfectly conceived”

Fanfare Magazine

“a new way of looking at, understanding and perceiving music from different eras”


“If anyone's up to the task, it's Cotik”




“a record which quality manages to propose the fascinating freshness of Germanic musical culture as new, as if the music had never been heard before  ”


“Overall, these two discs featuring Cotik must be regarded as among the finest performances for their consistent artistry and idiomatic grasp”

Classical Net

“the brilliant musicians’ ability to shift tempos...gracefully wring emotion from heartbreaking ballad tempos or generate fireworks with breakneck riffs...”


“one comes away from the recording dazzled by Cotik's musicianship and technique; one is also struck by the agility of his execution, his expert command of tempo and intonation, and his ability to consistently maintain the highest level of performance ”


“this is clearly a team to watch. I am sure we will be hearing good things from them in the future”

MusicWeb International

“among the very best Piazzolla albums”

David Denton for David’s Review Corner

“My first chamber choice for the year.   ”

MUSICWEB INTERNATIONAL Recordings Of The Year 2013

“a musician who prepares thoroughly and has great respect for the music he performs”

The Palm Beach Arts Paper

“I’ve had a listen to a few alternatives…including Isaac Stern with Daniel Baremboim and Lydia Mordkovitch, but this duo pretty much ticks all the boxes”

MusicWeb International

“An ideal disc”


“their lofty musicianship dwarfs their profound scholarship”

Fanfare Magazine

“Editor's Picks”


“an exemplary presentation of marvelous music”

The Palm Beach Arts Paper

“The Piazzolla album is not just Cotik as brilliant interpreter, but also as creative mind.”

Musical Toronto

“Comparisons are inevitable; on my shelves are the Grumiaux- Haskil team, the Stern-Barenboim combination, Szymon Goldberg and Radu Lupu, and Zukerman and Neikrug readings. The Cotik-Lin duo can take its place among those earlier esteemed ensembles with heads held high.”


“Everyone who plays these works should hear these exemplary will never hear these Telemann Fantasias played so well  ”

American Record Guide

“remarkable, artistic and expressive interpretations ... at a high level and perfectly adapted to the respective styles  ”


“Argentinean violinist Tomás Cotik... is not just another violinist. He is a passionate musician who always seems to get under the skin of the music he performs”


“true of the latest gems to emerge from the season”

John Terauds – Musical Toronto

“This album...immediately stands out as a recording of excellent quality. Equipped with a refined technique, Cotik interprets  these masterpieces of Bach's genius with a deep sense of style thanks to an attention to phrasing ”


“should leave listeners almost breathless…a vibrancy and attention to detail...strong individuality and… vitality”

Fanfare Magazine

“ Also in the interpretation of Mozart's sonatas, Cotik's excellent performance and perfect technique stand out in the particularly brilliant articulations  ”


“brilliantly performs the complete series of sonatas composed by Mozart ... a masterful musical compendium ..... an essential, addictive set. An almost hypnotic musical journey  ”


“Cotik plays with a resonant, clear and warm tone, and dynamics, phrasing and tempi are all perfectly judged...a sentiment that is clearly evident in every single track of this exemplary set”


“urgently recommended”

Fanfare Magazine

“None of these pieces has ever sounded quite like this before.”


“Cotik makes Kreisler seem almost smarmy, Isabelle Faust almost mannered, and Julia Fischer as though she's filed down the detail”

Fanfare Magazine

“The joyful virtuosity and stylish musicianship that Tomas Cotik and Tao Lin brought to their superb cycle of Schubert’s violin-and-piano works for the Centaur label happily permeate their cycle of Mozart’s sonatas”

Gramophone Magazine

“the secret here...always let curiosity be a constant inspiration. If Tomas Cotik ever revisits these works on record it will be fascinating to hear the results, but it's hard to see how they could be better that this”


“Tomás Cotik’s deeply analytical playing adds to an exhilarating display of the musical wonders the composer saw in the violin”


“Astor Piazzolla and its main interpreter is the Argentine violinist Tomas Cotik's ...musical maturity joins that way of feeling one's roots, which gives the experience of remoteness  ”


“Cotik’s performance is powerful and technically brilliant, the intonation always flawless,... fearless round, and well-balanced”


“Cotik transcends even the profoundly meditative”


“unusual depth and broad compass...absolutely brilliant... unmistakable vitality...optimally recorded”

Audio Video Club of Atlanta

“The versions are optimal due to the stylistic understanding of the duo and the instrumental excellence of the admirable violinist.  ”


“this is one of the great Piazzolla discs, and in perfect sound quality, I urge you to buy it.”

David Denton for David’s Review Corner

“clarity and tonal opulence rare in recordings of violin music”

Fanfare Magazine

“a first-rate set of Mozart sonatas”


“excellent Piazzollean style, which is not frequently found”

Daniel Binelli

“absolutely impeccable, with intonation in the centre of every note, and his left hand flying around the fingerboard with remarkable agility”

David Denton for David’s Review Corner

“If you love the solo violin, you won't find a better recording to suit your tastes”


“an excellent violinist ... who picks up a rigorous, natural and unusual way of understanding and interpreting music  ”


“an excellent violinist”

Michael Tilson Thomas

“I highly commend Mr. Cotik for his innovative interpretations and I hope many future audiences will  experience his musical excellence”

Gary Burton

“One imagines the Nuevo tango master would be as captivated as any listener by such exquisite performances.”


“Cotik has a consistently brilliant violinism and warm, enveloping sound  ”


“ There are so many delightful details to savour that one hardly knows where to begin...a most rewarding Mozart cycle”

Gramophone Magazine

“intelligent and sensitive...glories in...colorations and shared emphasis”

Fanfare Magazine 

“This is an excellent recital. I enjoy the Piazzolla Tango Etudes more as played by Cotik than by anyone else. ”

American Record Guide

“there is no question that this disc is, by some distance, Naxos's best Piazzolla recording”

MusicWeb International


Ritmo, June 2018

Compuestos entre 2004 y 2014, los Cuartetos para cuerda ns. 5 a 7 de Richard Danielpour (n. 1956) trascienden con sus inquietantes subtítulos las ideas que se hace el oyente de estas evocadoras músicas.

Fanfare Magazine, May 2018

I found Quartet No. 5 the best of the three, with strong echoes of Barber, Hindemith, and Britten woven into the musical fabric. Danielpour likes to focus on a single rhythmic idea and work it through. The Delray String Quartet is a fine ensemble

Robert Markow

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American Record Guide, May 2018

The Delray Quartet plays nobly

Allen Gimbel

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Scene Magazine, Apr. 2018

The steady, spectacular performance of the Delray String Quartet is a revelation throughout this recording, whether in the moody, delicate Moderato e triste of No. 6—subtitled ‘Addio’—or the metaphysical peril implied by the cascading strings heard in the second movement of No. 7, AKA ‘Psalms of Solace’. …Is this an original concept? No, not particularly. But when you sound as good as Plitmann does, even angels begin to take notice. 

​Chris Morgan

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Gramophone, Apr. 2018

the Delray Quartet, whose advocacy is totally committed

Guy Rickards

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The Whole Note, March 2018

There’s also American string quartet music from the current century on Richard Danielpour String Quartets Nos.5-7, performed by the Delray String Quartet in the Naxos American Classics Series (8.559845 

String Quartet No.5, “In Search of La vita nuova” (2004) deals with the composer’s longstanding relationship with Italy. String Quartet No.6, “Addio” (2009) deals with the string quartet as a metaphor for family, and how families are eventually broken apart through distance, time and loss. Both works were written in Northern Italy, and are about what Danielpour calls “letting go.”

String Quartet No.7, “Psalms of Solace” (2014) is about a “search for the Divine.” The last movement features a soprano part written specifically for Hila Plitman, the excellent soloist here.

All three works are very much in a late-20th-century style, strongly tonal and very accessible, and with some truly beautiful writing and lovely textures.

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MusicWebInternational, March 2018

The Delray String Quartet are wonderful advocates for Richard Danielpour’s music. Their performance is excellent throughout. The soprano Hila Pitmann is in excellent voice and a perfect foil for the quartet. She makes Danielpour latest quartet my favourite work presented here. Hopefully he will go on to compose further quartets.

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Pizzicato, Febr. 2018

Meisterwerke zeitgenössischer Kammermusik...Es ist eine sehr atmosphärische und gefühlvolle Musik, die genau wie jene des Fünften Quartetts vom ‘Delray Quartet’ spannend und rhetorisch gespielt wird...Hila Plitman singt ganz bezaubernd, und das ‘Delray String Quartet’ überzeugt hier wie das ganze Programm hindurch mit einem engagierten und hoch sensiblen Musizieren. Großartige Kammermusik, großartig gespielt!

Richard Danielpour’s String Quartets Nos. 5 – 7 are masterworks. Written in a contemporary neo-romantic style the music is immediately appealing in these outstanding performances by the Delray String Quartet.

Remy Franck

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Palm Beach Arts Paper, June 2015

The Quartet No. 7, which Danielpour has subtitled Psalms of Solace, gets its world premiere Sunday when the Delray String Quartet debuts it at the Mainly Mozart Festival in Coral Gables. The Cuban-born soprano Maria Aleida will be the soloist in the fourth and final movement. Although this will be the premiere, the Delray recorded the work last week at Miami’s Hit Factory with Grammy-winning producer Judith Sherman for a disc on Naxos of Danielpour’s Fifth, Sixth and Seventh quartets; the soloist on the recording is the Israeli soprano Hila Plitmann.

The composer has said in the past that he wanted the Seventh to be his last string quartet... and his entire quartet output, has a special meaning for him.

Greg Stepanich

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Miami Clasica, June 2015

Sunday solace from the summer heat

The world premiere of Richard Danielpour’s String Quartet No. 7 (Psalms of Solace), performed by the Delray String Quartet and soprano Maria Aleida, was the evening’s pièce de resistance. One of the most prolific of American composers in all musical genres, Danielpour is specially known for his chamber pieces, which grant preeminence to the human voice as an expressive vehicle... The work enables the various string instruments to show off in succession and ends with the inclusion of voice as the fifth string. Maria Aleida’s voice came through clear and sparkling, differentiating itself from the framework created by the violins, viola and cello. It should be noted that the Delray ensemble is currently recording the a series of Danielpour quartets.

Sebastian Spreng

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Palm Beach Arts Paper, June 2015

Delray SQ, Aleida deliver impressive Danielpour at Mainly Mozart

For two centuries or more, the string quartet has been the favored medium for a composer’s most intimate, profound thoughts. In his series of quartets, the American composer Richard Danielpour has explored themes of the Holocaust (No. 3, Psalms of Sorrow) and farewell (No. 6, Addio), and for his Quartet No. 7, which received its world premiere May 31 in Coral Gables at the Mainly Mozart Festival, he has turned to a more hopeful message of human potential.The Delray quartet, which had the recorded the piece the week before with producer Judith Sherman, played with precision and care, keeping the half-light of the music steady.  incantatory lines, in a cannily scored accompaniment that has texture but still lets the singer have the spotlight. Danielpour’s Seventh Quartet is a well-constructed, deeply felt piece that would make a good addition for a string quartet ensemble looking for some programming variety and some easy-to-grasp contemporary composition. It seems to me that the fourth movement is actually too short to make the best impact it could, even given whole slow movement before it. It has a Mahlerian pace from the beginning of the Adagietto, and it’s a pace that calls for serious breadth.

 Greg Stepanich

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