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Mozart 16 Sonatas for Violin and Piano

Official release February 2nd, 2018

Kurfürstin Sonatas

Sonata in G major, op. I, KV 301 (293a) 

Sonata in E flat major, op. I, KV 302 (293b) 

Sonata in C major, op. I, KV 303 (293c) 

Sonata in e minor, op. I, KV 304 (300c) 

Sonata in A major, op. I, KV 305 (293d)

Sonata in D major, op. I, KV 306 (300l) 

Aurnhammer Sonatas

Sonata in C major, op. II, KV 296 

Sonata in F major, op. II, KV 376 (374d)

Sonata in F major, op. II, KV 377 (374e)

Sonata in B flat major, op. II, KV 378 (317d)

Sonata in G major, op. II, KV 379 (373a) 

Sonata in E flat major, op. II, KV 380 (374f) 

Later Viennese Sonatas

Sonata in B flat major, KV 454

Sonata in E flat major, KV 481

Sonata in A major, KV 526

Sonata in F major, KV 547 




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Booklet Notes

“violinist Tomas Cotik is always up for a new challenge”

Julia Amacher – American Public Media

“un trabajo de mucha calidad, por la originalidad de los arreglos y especialmente porque se trata de un excelente instrumentista”


“Supersonic Award winner. Tomas Cotik’s Piazzolla is carnal, passionate and nowhere easy-going. Together with his group he has produced a riveting CD.”


“This is an excellent recital. I enjoy the Piazzolla Tango Etudes more as played by Cotik than by anyone else. ”

American Record Guide

“Cotik and Tao Lin have…honored not only their professions as musicians, but the memory and work of Franz Schubert”

The Palm Beach Arts Paper

“an extraordinary performance that can stand up against any other”


“excellent violin playing...extremely enjoyable interpretations of music that I love”

American Record Guide

“Cotik scales Bach’s solo mountain with skill. His intricate yet soulful take is assured without ever being showy.”

BBC Magazine

“Un disco revelador de la maestría de los jóvenes intérpretes que lo firman: Tomas Cotik y Tao Lin.”


“the secret here...always let curiosity be a constant inspiration. If Tomas Cotik ever revisits these works on record it will be fascinating to hear the results, but it's hard to see how they could be better that this”


“This album...immediately stands out as a recording of excellent quality. Equipped with a refined technique, Cotik interprets  these masterpieces of Bach's genius with a deep sense of style thanks to an attention to phrasing ”


“The technical qualities of the recording - which is on the NAXOS label, by the way - are excellent.”

Robert W. Plyer, THE OBSERVER

“Evocative concert of Jewish classical music”

The Washington Post

“Las versiones son óptimas por la compenetración estilística del dúo y la prestancia instrumental del admirable violinista”


“One imagines the Nuevo tango master would be as captivated as any listener by such exquisite performances.”


“Hace muy poco descubrí esta maravilla...dos extraordinarios instrumentalistas que uniendo su talento logran...algo genial.”


“A neglected stash of unrecorded Schubert”


“Tomás Cotik’s deeply analytical playing adds to an exhilarating display of the musical wonders the composer saw in the violin”


“there is no question but that this is the most exciting rendition of these works I’ve ever hear... this is now my benchmark performance of these works”


“absolutely impeccable, with intonation in the centre of every note, and his left hand flying around the fingerboard with remarkable agility”

David Denton for David’s Review Corner

“If you love the solo violin, you won't find a better recording to suit your tastes”


“Overall, these two discs featuring Cotik must be regarded as among the finest performances for their consistent artistry and idiomatic grasp”

Classical Net

“this is clearly a team to watch. I am sure we will be hearing good things from them in the future”

MusicWeb International

“un disco la cui qualità riesce a proporre la freschezza affascinante della cultura musicale germanica come nuova, come se non si fossero mai ascoltate prima”


“excellent style, which is not frequently found”

Daniel Binelli

“un violinista excelente... que recoge una forma rigurosa, natural y fuera de lo común de entender e interpretar la música”


“perfectly conceived”

Fanfare Magazine

“My first chamber choice for the year.   ”

MUSICWEB INTERNATIONAL Recordings Of The Year 2013

“among the very best Piazzolla albums”

David Denton for David’s Review Corner

“His interpretation of Bach’s sonatas and partitas his newest album in should add a notch to his reputation as a stellar violinist”


“their lofty musicianship dwarfs their profound scholarship”

Fanfare Magazine

“uplifting quality”

MusicWeb International

“should leave listeners almost breathless…a vibrancy and attention to detail...strong individuality and… vitality”

Fanfare Magazine

“Cotik vanta un violinismo costantemente brillante e un colore di suono caldo e avvolgente”


“If anyone's up to the task, it's Cotik”


“a treat from start to finish”

Musical Toronto

“wonderful album…impressive for the elegance and sensitivity of the interpretations”

John Terauds – Musical Toronto

“Cotik Kicks Butt in Piazzolla! A wild and wonderful CD.”


“recreating the visceral charge of Piazzolla’s legendary quintet concerts and recordings”

South Florida Classical Review

“I find the Cotik and Lin performances most interesting and the sound on their disc is excellent”

Maria Nockin – Fanfare Magazine

“ There are so many delightful details to savour that one hardly knows where to begin...a most rewarding Mozart cycle”

Gramophone Magazine

““Legacy” es, sin dudas, un álbum para emocionarse y escuchar continuamente. Excelencia pura. Imprescindible!”


“this superbly produced Schubert disc…comes warmly commended”

MusicWeb International

“bemerkenswert, kunstvolle und expressive Interpretationen...auf hohem Niveau und den jeweiligen Stilen perfekt angepasst”


“Some of the music is sultry while other works are fast, rhythmic, and ornamented to show the exquisite virtuosity of Cotik”


“one comes away from the recording dazzled by Cotik's musicianship and technique; one is also struck by the agility of his execution, his expert command of tempo and intonation, and his ability to consistently maintain the highest level of performance ”


“this is one of the great Piazzolla discs, and in perfect sound quality, I urge you to buy it.”

David Denton for David’s Review Corner

“I was immediately impressed by their virtuosity and also their understanding of Piazzolla’s music. I was anxious to see them perform in person”

Gary Burton

“una nueva forma de mirar, entender y percibir la música de diferentes épocas”


“Editor's Picks”


“clarity and tonal opulence rare in recordings of violin music”

Fanfare Magazine

“an excellent violinist”

Michael Tilson Thomas

“Argentinean violinist Tomás Cotik... is not just another violinist. He is a passionate musician who always seems to get under the skin of the music he performs”


“phenomenal technique”

Musical Toronto

“Cotik phrases this music with such feeling, making you wonder if it could possibly sound better in any other performance.”

Classical Net

“short  this is a great recording  if you value warmth and sweetness in Mendelssohn. Here, though, nothing is forced, and, as  I say, the world seems a better place.”


“We encounter here an extraordinary violinist, with an overwhelming technique and a musicality; the results are excellent, with little or nothing to envy the greatest  interpretations that could have ever been recorded.”


“Everyone who plays these works should hear these exemplary will never hear these Telemann Fantasias played so well  ”

American Record Guide

“The BBC Music team’s current favourites”


“unusual depth and broad compass...absolutely brilliant... unmistakable vitality...optimally recorded”

Audio Video Club of Atlanta

“urgently recommended”

Fanfare Magazine

“outstanding from the very beginning”

Fanfare Magazine

“exceptional...Piazzolla can be played differently than this, but provably not better.”


“I’ve had a listen to a few alternatives…including Isaac Stern with Daniel Baremboim and Lydia Mordkovitch, but this duo pretty much ticks all the boxes”

MusicWeb International

“His pure sound, perfect intonation and fast tempos mean that Bach’s fiendishly difficult challenges become more exposed, yet he never misses a beat. The recording….captures the golden glow of his violin… in sound that is honest and clean”


“I highly commend Mr. Cotik for his innovative interpretations and I hope many future audiences will  experience his musical excellence”

Gary Burton

“an exemplary presentation of some marvelous music”

The Palm Beach Arts Paper

“The joyful virtuosity and stylish musicianship that Tomas Cotik and Tao Lin brought to their superb cycle of Schubert’s violin-and-piano works for the Centaur label happily permeate their cycle of Mozart’s sonatas”

Gramophone Magazine

“true of the latest gems to emerge from the season”

John Terauds – Musical Toronto

“intelligent and sensitive...glories in...colorations and shared emphasis”

Fanfare Magazine 

“His amazing technical skill and artistic know-how...create an indelible interpretation of Bach’s music...Cotik’s combines impeccable technique and an intuitive artistry to fashion a mesmerizing interpretation of these pieces.”


“Cotik and the orchestra provided impressive advocacy for a multifaceted work that deserves to be heard more often. Cotik seamlessly handled the frequent changes in mood and adroitly traversed the work’s myriad technical challenges while always keeping the focus on the music.”


“there is no question that this disc is, by some distance, Naxos's best Piazzolla recording ”

MusicWeb International

“Un disco ideal”


“None of these pieces has ever sounded quite like this before.”


“laudable level of technical accuracy…tenderness and warmth”

The Palm Beach Arts Paper

“I marvel at the technical skill which effortlessly encompasses these deeply contrasting styles....a technical as well as expressive master stroke”


“conviction, commitment, diplomacy, and character”

The Strad

“Anche nell’interpretazione delle sonate di Mozart si evidenziano l’ottima cavata e la perfetta tecnica di Cotik negli staccati particolarmente brillanti.”


“It is the result of many years of experience, full attention, research and is a recording of incontestable adventure that displays a journey of absolute love for the music of J.S. Bach”


“The Piazzolla album is not just Cotik as brilliant interpreter, but also as creative mind.”

Musical Toronto

“Cotik transcends even the profoundly meditative”


“brilliant Argentinean violinist”

David Denton for David’s Review Corner

“Cotik makes Kreisler seem almost smarmy, Isabelle Faust almost mannered, and Julia Fischer as though she's filed down the detail”

Fanfare Magazine

“a musician who prepares thoroughly and has great respect for the music he performs”

The Palm Beach Arts Paper



“a first-rate set of these of Mozart sonatas”



Revista Musical Catalana, Oct. 2019

En aquestes 16 Sonates, que Tomas Cotik (violí) i Tao Lin (piano) executen amb vivacitat i rigor, s’aprecia l’antològica creativitat de Mozart, el qual, sense ser original en termes formals, assoleix unes cotes d’expressivitat i preciosisme en absolut freqüents a la seva època. Els intèrprets de l’ocasió –Cotik i Tao Lin, que en el passat van enregistrar amb èxit obres de Schubert– troben el terme mitjà entre la sensibilitat de l’època de Mozart i l’expressivitat i la riquesa de sentiments que el període immediatament posterior suscitarà.

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Diario Las Americas, July, 2018

Tomás Cotik acerca la música clásica con arpegios de modernidad

El violinista argentino superó el millón de transmisiones en Spotify en solo cuatro meses, logrando reposicionar un género desconocido para muchos, y propagar la obra de grandes clásicos como Mozart entre los jóvenes. 

Una vida como inmigrante lo ha ayudado a capturar una armónica nota de cada ciudad en la que ha vivido. Tomás Cotik, el inquieto músico argentino radicado actualmente en Portland, estado de Oregon, ha logrado lo que pocos, popularizar y transmitir un estilo de música clásica que para muchos jóvenes parece estricto, purista e incluso anticuado.

Profesor de violín en Portland State University, Cotik es uno de los pocos latinos que ejerce una las posiciones más cotizadas en el medio artístico, misma que años antes desempeñó en la Universidad de Miami, casa de estudios en la que obtuvo su Doctorado en Artes Musicales.

Tomás Cotik adquirió popularidad tras homenajear al legendario músico argentino Astor Piazzolla a través de discos como Legacy y Tango nuevo, producciones que han dado la vuelta al mundo y con las que conquista al mercado anglo rindiendo un tributo a sus raíces, y haciéndonos sentir el universo en melodías.

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Cantabile, May 2018

El violinista argentino Tomás Cotik dejó el país a los 18 años. Actualmente reside en los EE. UU., desde donde desarrolla una activa carrera que comprende una sostenida e interesante labor discográca.

Se trata de un recorrido a través de la producción del músico salzburgués para esta combinación de instrumentos, en el que Cotik y Lin despliegan sus capacidades técnicas y saberes, con el propósito de encontrar la esencia de estas obras escritas en diferentes períodos de la vida de su creador. Sus lecturas conducen al oyente por el universo mo- zartiano, y logran despertar en él una particular e íntima fascinación. Lecturas hechas con alma y sabiduría, para un ambicioso trabajo que alcanza su meta con felices resultados. 

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Musicalifeiten, Apr. 2018

Their play is not only idiomatic through and through, it also shows a great musical joy. The couple is familiar with the Viennese musical tradition of the late eighteenth century in their coherent view. If you want to have some examples of this, you can listen to the airy round of KV. 296, the spiritual allegro of KV. 306 and the beautiful with decorations on witnessed andantino from KV. 547.

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Revista Scherzo, April 2018

Selected as one of their 'Exceptional Discs' of April.

'...Tomas Cotik y Tao Lin...firman unas versiones francamente soberbias. Sin recurrir a instrumentos históricos si que se aproximan a estas composiciones desde una perspectiva historicista en materia de articulación y fraseo. En el violín se observa un control del vibrato más que notable; solo se evidencia como recurso expresivo en los pasajes más líricos, pero ello no supone que en el resto de las obras el sonido sea romo o áspero. Todo lo contrario, el sonido es brillante y rico en colores, fundamentado en una articulación a base de arcos cortos y ataques incisivos...La agilidad y fluidez en el fraseo es sobresaliente, con momentos de gran virtuosismo. Todo una sorpresa.'

Andres Moreno Mengibar

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New releases with Lisa Flynn WFMT, Chicago, March 2018

Violinist Tomas Cotik and pianist Tao Lin continue their series of recordings for Centaur with this new release. Here they perform the complete sonatas for violin and piano by Mozart. Hailed by Michael Tilson Thomas as “an excellent violinist,” Tomas Cotik is internationally recognized as a soloist, chamber musician, and professor.

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The Whole Note, March, 2018

This set – Cotik’s 14th issue – ...presents the 16 sonatas written in the period 1778-88...the sound quality and balance are excellent, with the violin never too far forward but never overshadowed by the piano either. Both performers play with a resonant, clear and warm tone, and dynamics, phrasing and tempi are all perfectly judged....Cotik readily admits to having always loved Mozart’s music, and calls his recordings of these sonatas a milestone in his musical life. It’s a sentiment that is clearly evident in every single track of this exemplary set.


Atlanta Audio Club, March 2018

It is difficult, if not impossible, to place ourselves in the society of the 1780’s and to hear Mozart’s striking innovations the way they did. As Mozart himself said of his piano concertos from the same period, “They contain passages from which connoisseurs alone can derive satisfaction, but are written in such a way that the less learned cannot fail to be pleased without knowing why.” ...It was the genius of Mozart that his mature sonatas for violin and piano plumbed depths of expression hitherto unknown to the genre...The inspired performances of Tomas Cotik and Tao Lin make our amazement all the greater.

Phil Muse

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Textura, Febr. 2018

Violinist Tomas Cotik and pianist Tao Lin forged an especially strong bond on a number of earlier recordings of Schubert and Piazzolla, but this encompassing four-CD set of Mozart's Sonatas for Violin and Piano might be their most deeply connected collaboration to date. Internationally recognized as a soloist, chamber musician, and educator (currently Assistant Professor of Violin at Portland State University), Cotik has performed in orchestras such as the New World, Palm Beach, and Amarillo Symphonies, and was a member of the string quartets Amernet, Delray, and Harrington; however, his playing is perhaps most flatteringly presented in a duet context, his accompanist in this instance Lin playing a Steinway concert grand. 

The violinist's artistry is on display throughout, whether it be executing uptempo passages with seeming ease or voicing a tender melody with sensitivity and nuance...Cotik and Lin repeatedly show themselves to be simpatico partners, whether playing in unison or in glorious counterpoint; their voicing of Mozart's material in all its clarity, poise, and balance suggests both deep engagement and sincere affection for the composer, and their interplay registers as an extended dialogue between two equally dedicated interlocutors....Mozart's melodies sing rapturously in their hands, and suffice it to say, any listener in the market for a consistently satisfying account of these Mozart works could do a whole lot worse than choose this one.

Read More, Febr. 2018

Welcome to "For the Record,"'s weekly roundup of new releases of recordings by violinists, violists, cellists and other classical musicians. We hope it helps you keep track of your favorite artists, as well as find some new ones to add to your listening!

"Mozart was a keen observer of mankind, and boundlessly empathetic, but what he expressed in his music is us, not himself," said scholar Cliff Eisen, who is quoted in the the liner notes for this new recording by violinist Tomás Cotik and pianist Tao Lin of the complete Sonatas for Violin and Piano by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Cotik, a soloist who also teaches violin at Portland State University, also has recorded a number of other albums with Lin.

Laurie Niles

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Culturalmente Incorrecto, Febr. 2018

Aquí ejecutan brillantemente la serie completa de sonatas compuestas por Wolfang Amadeus Mozart para violín y piano...El dúo Cotik-Lin ya nos había deslumbrado en el álbum anterior, “Astor Piazzolla: Legacy”. En esta oportunidad, podemos sentir la simbiosis musical y el respeto mutuo que ambos músicos se profesan, interpretando las diferentes partituras de Mozart con precisión y sin menoscabar el lucimiento individual.

“Mozart: 16 Sonatas for Violin & Piano” es mucho más que un álbum. Es un compendio musical magistral de estas partituras específicas de Mozart ejecutado con maestría y (se puede sentir) mucho amor y respeto por la obra...el resultado es un viaje musical único de la mano de dos instrumentos (violin y piano) y dos intérpretes...que se disfruta desde lo más profundo envolviéndonos en el espíritu mozartiano más puro. Las partituras no siempre son fáciles pero ambos intérpretes sobrepasan airosos y con equilibrada elegancia cada una de las dificultades con un profesionalimo y arte brillantes...un set imprescindible, adictivo. Un viaje musical casi hipnótico de la mano de uno de los más grandes compositores de la historia, Wolfang Amadeus Mozart, y dos intérpretes exquisitos y brillantes. Un set de cuatro CDs que no puede faltar en la colección de todo amante de la música clásica en general y de Mozart en particular.

Javier Mitchell

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Pizzicato, Febr. 2018

haben bereits mehrmals mit CD-Aufnahmen viel Lob bekommen. Daran soll es auch bei dieser Gesamtaufnahme der Mozart-Sonaten nicht mangeln. Die Partnerschaft beider Musik ist gleichberechtigt und wohl proportioniert, in allen Hinsichten.

Zudem hatte Mozart nach dem Erfolg der Wunderkind-Jahre in seinen Zwanzigern auch künstlerische und menschliche Rückschläge erfahren, u.a den Tod der Mutter. Das erklärt auch die stilistische Reife und expressive Tiefe der Sonaten, die in diesen Interpretationen sehr gut zum Ausdruck kommt. Gerade aus den Reibungen und Kontrasten beider Instrumente entsteht viel Spannung und damit musikalische Rhetorik, die auch der Verschiedenartigkeit des Gefühlsausdrucks Rechnung trägt. Insbesondere Tomas Cotik kann dabei mit seiner Kunst der Klangfarben sehr viel erreichen.

Beide Musiker lassen uns so die Doppelbödigkeit der Musik erfahren, denn Freude und Trauer stehen hier genauso nebeneinander wie Ernsthaftigkeit und jugendlicher Drang.

Tomas Cotik and Tao Lin give a very characterful account of Mozart’s Sonatas for piano and violin. They play in a very dynamic way, using contrasts and dialogue for a musical rhetoric which mirrors the variety of the emotional expression.

Remy Franck

Read More, Febr. 2018

Extended surveys of similar works by a composer can be particularly enlightening...This is one thing that makes the four-CD Centaur recording of 16 of Mozart’s violin-and-piano sonatas so fine – in addition to the sensitivity of the performers and the excellence of their playing... The 16 ... provide some interesting insight into Mozart’s life at the times he created the works...The violin-and-piano sonatas as a group are among Mozart’s less-often-heard music, but this recording shows them not only worthy in their own right but also very distinctly (if scarcely perfectly) illustrative of Mozart’s biographical as well as compositional circumstances when he created the music.

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Audiophile Audition, Febr. 2018

In this new recording from Tomas Cotik (violin) and Tao Lin (piano) are presented sixteen sonatas by Mozart on modern instruments. Cotik has a very warm tone which contrasts nicely with the more acoustically-distant piano which has a colder sound, especially so in the upper register at softer volume. And while modern instruments are adopted, Cotik is wise, I believe, in playing with one eye looking backward: in the use of vibrato he uses the effect lightly in a very sympathetic way. This is well displayed in the Andantino sostenuto e cantabile from the Sonata in B-flat, KV 378. It’s a beautiful movement where the duo shines...Cotik’s violin stays articulate in the foreground and the fast movements highlight both the technical merits of both musicians and their musical gifts. The style and articulation in the third movement from the Sonata in B-flat, KV 454 shows off the professionalism of both performers: how they play together as if from one mind; how Cotik’s articulation captures Mozart’s humor; how dynamics shape what might appear on the page as simple melody into something richer and more interesting...There is no perceived weakness from the musicians among all the movements. Each sonata is celebrated with equal energy and polish. Consistency is not an easy quality to find in large-scale recording projects. Kudos to Cotik and Lin for giving each piece equal love and attention to detail...Tomas Cotik and Tao Lin bring a wonderful performance and due exposure to these pieces.

Sebastian Herrera

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Sonograma, Febr. 2018

Disco a disco, se trata de un álbum de cuatro discos compactos, es palpable cómo van evolucionando su aproximación a una manera de tocar que destaca por la forma creativa en que los dos músicos afrontan la música de cámara de Mozart... consiguen que después de escuchar el primer compacto, necesites escuchar el segundo, y el tercero y el cuarto.

La relación de concordancia e igualdad está asegurada; ambos músicos intensifican su esfuerzo para que surjan de la música muchísimos pasajes de una belleza sublime...El violín de Cotik, extraordinariamente expresivo, incide especialmente en el aspecto melódico. Comunica la elegancia y el gusto, y deshace la falacia o la transparencia engañosa que algunos creen ver en la música de Mozart: que es fácil. Mozart nunca dejó de crear universos enteros con pocas notas y a pesar de esto, su magia siempre funciona. La melodías de Cotik surgen del alma, sean líneas rápidas y animadas o lentas y melancólicas. En esta antológica grabación... hay una calidez de empatía y de inteligencia en la interpretación que va más allá del poder hipnotizador de este dúo por su sonido elegante y cercano.

Núria Serra

REad More



"Il violino fu uno strumento particolarmente amato da Mozart che, secondo quanto ricordato da alcuni biografi, sapeva suonarlo già, all’età di quattro o cinque anni…  Mozart amò effettivamente il violino di cui aveva una conoscenza perfetta; del resto già all’età di 7 e in particolar modo tra il 1763 e il 1766 compose una serie di ben 16 sonate nelle quali, però, la parte pianistica appare preponderante. Ben più mature sono, invece, le 16 sonate composte tra il 1778 e il 1788 e incise da Cotik...In duo con Tao Lin, Cotik mostra la sua versatilità passando a un repertorio completamente diiverso rispetto a quello di Piazzolla e fornendo una lettura filologicamente corretta delle sonate mozartiane che si configurano come dei veri e propri duetti per pianoforte e violino; i due strumentisti hanno perfettamente interpretato questo aspetto della scrittura di Mozart dal momento che sembrano due amici che dialogano senza mai sovrapporsi lasciando all’altro sempre lo spazio che è dato ad esso dal compositore...Anche nell’interpretazione delle sonate di Mozart si evidenziano l’ottima cavata e la perfetta tecnica di Cotik negli staccati particolarmente brillanti.

Riccardo Viagrande

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​The Arts Music Lounge, Jan. 2018

Cotik Explores Mozart’s Violin Sonatas

Following on the heels of his superb CD of Piazzolla’s tangos, violinist Tomás Cotik has tackled the complete violin sonatas of Mozart… a set of this magnitude (four CDs) is seldom attempted...the real attractiveness of these pieces stems from the way they’re performed, and Cotik is surely one of their liveliest of interpreters...Clearly, then, a first-rate set of these sonatas, well worth exploring.

Lynn René Bayley

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Gramophone Magazine, Jan. 2018

"The joyful virtuosity and stylish musicianship that Tomas Cotik and Tao Lin brought to their superb cycle of Schubert’s violin-and-piano works for the Centaur label happily permeate their cycle of Mozart’s sonatas. There are so many delightful details to savour that one hardly knows where to begin.... All told, a most rewarding Mozart cycle..."


Jed Distler

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